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Professor’s Pet

“Cassie is failing her Physics course and she comes up with a plan to get a better grade while at her mother’s wedding. Little does she know that there will be a lot of complications with her plan. Her best friend since high school, Tanya and Tanya’s boyfriend, Ricky, are failing the class with her and they all need a good grade so they don’t have to retake the course. They’re all in this together, but will that be the case in the end?” (Sassy Redhead,

The book is about true friendship and forbidden love. It’s full of unexpected twists!

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The Virgin and “The Nude Giant”

Innocent, untouched, gorgeous 18-year-old Pippa unexpectedly wins two tickets to an all-expense-paid Caribbean cruise. She plans to go with her boyfriend, Garrett. She also considers allowing him access to her body during their week-long romantic vacation… Just a few hours prior to their flight to Miami, she finds out he’s been cheating on her. What an idiot! It seems like Pippa is going to enjoy this trip solo. But will she? 

The book has got insta-love, hot sex, and a very romantic story.

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The Virgin Housekeeper and the Nudist Family

Nathalie wants to explore things and not end up staying in one place being miserable. So when she finds an ad for a couple looking for a seasonal housekeeper in Hawaii she jumps at the chance. When she arrives to the mansion, she learns that the family she will be working for are nudist and organize nudist parties with their numerous rich friends. What a fun place to work for an 18-year-old virgin from a small town in Kansas…

This unique standalone story is very amusing and romantic!

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